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Recent water issues in the City of Flint have generated calls to our office regarding the City of Grand Blanc's water source. The City of Grand Blanc has its own groundwater wells and treatment plants. Our water is tested daily to ensure its safety and is filtered in a reverse-osmosis system before it is sent to homes and businesses. Residents of the City of Grand Blanc can be assured that their water does not come from the Flint River or the City of Flint water system. Yearly water reports are posted here on the website. 

Solid Waste Services Information

Garbage Collection

The City of Grand Blanc, in conjunction with Republic Services, provides residential curbside garbage pickup on Monday in provided blue carts. Collection of recycling is also provided every other week in the blue carts (with green lids).

Important things to know about your residential garbage pickup:

  •  Please use trash bags to contain your waste inside the Cart. This will reduce the need for periodic cleaning.
  • The Curb Cart should be placed at the curb NO LATER than 6:00 a.m. on Mondays.
  • Retrieve carts from the curb by midnight on your pickup day.
  • We ask that residents store carts so they can’t be seen from the street while standing in front of the house.
  • Bulky items may be placed curbside each week for collection. Bulky Items must be bundled in parcels not to exceed two (2) feet by four (4) feet in size and/or fifty (50) pounds in weight.
Clean-Up Week

Clean Up Week is a bi-annual event held each Spring and Fall in the City of Grand Blanc. Branches 4” or less in diameter, that are NOT tied or bundled, will be collected during Cleanup Week each Spring and Fall by the City chipper. Branches tied and bundled in 4-foot lengths will be picked up by Republic Services every week on trash day April through November.

For questions about your garbage collection, please call Republic Services at (800) 438-0966.

REPUBLIC SERVICES  - More collection Information can be found HERE.

Automatic Pay is now available for Water/Sewer bills! Residents must fill out a form agreeing to have their bank account debited for the amount of the bill on the due date. They must also agree to receive all future bills by email.

Forms are available HERE or at City Hall.

Credit and debit cards are now accepted at the counter for water and tax payments. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are all accepted. A small convenience fee is added at the time of payment to cover the cost of this service.

Click the image below to check WATER/SEWER account information online by name, address or account number:


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PERMITS & FORMS6 documents

  • Single Move Permit Application
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  • New Customer Utility Application
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  • Automatic Payment Form
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  • Water Affidavit - Vacation Stop
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  • Right-of-Way: Construction
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  • Right-of-Way: Repair/Maintenance
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  • Water Quality 2018 Report
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  • Water Quality 2019 Report.pdf
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Our Water Program4 documents

  • Storm Water Ordinance
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  • NPDES Permit
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  • MS4 General Permit
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  • Click here for details on Our Water Program!
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