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DPW Director


Matt Wurtz
(810) 694-5420 


Matt Wurtz was hired into the Department of Public Works of the City of Grand Blanc in 1999 and assumed the position of Director in 2000. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan-Flint. Prior to coming to the City of Grand Blanc, Matt worked as the Project Manager in the Beecher Metropolitan District.


The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of the streets, utilities (water and sewer), parks, and the equipment fleet of the City of Grand Blanc. The Director of Public Works organizes and directs the maintenance workers of the City as well as the work of crews and outside contractors hired to perform projects in the City. He works closely with architects, engineers, builders and other department heads.

The DPW Director prepares and monitors the departmental budget and provides the City Manager, the Public Works Committee and the City Council with long-range planning requirements and priorities. He acts as spokesperson with the City residents in response to complaints regarding streets, water and sewer, sidewalks and park maintenance. The Public Works Director assists in the hiring process for department personnel and administration of the City personnel policies. He oversees training programs for staff regarding new procedures for safe work practices, and provides technical assistance on operating machinery and maintenance problems. He is responsible for the administration of state and federal regulations as necessary.


The following is a listing of tree species that are approved for planting, AFTER RECEIVING PERMISSION FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR, within the City of Grand Blanc right-of-way. If a species you wish to plant does not appear on the list, please contact the DPW Director for discussion.

When selecting a tree, there are several factors to consider:

  • How big will the mature tree be?
  • Will it be too close to other trees or structures?
  • Will it create visual obstructions to motorists?
  • Is the tree susceptible to pests or harsh roadway conditions?
  • Will the tree cause litter issues from seeds, flowers, etc.?
  • Will the tree increase the tree variety in the area?
The following list of approved trees answers the above questions favorably.

  • Fruitless Sweetgum · Red Maple
  • Sugar Maple · Shademaster Honeylocust
  • Imperial Honeylocust · Skyline Honeylocust
  • Bradford Pear · Aristocrat Pear
  • Northern Red Oak · Tuliptree
  • European Hornbeam · American Hornbeam
  • Hackberry · Pagoda Tree
Additionally, here is a list of trees with known problems that should be AVOIDED:

  • Boxelder · Birch · Russian Olive
  • Blue Spruce · Poplar · Purple-leaf Plum
  • Willow · Elm · European Mountain Ash
  • Silver Maple · Sycamore · Mulberry
  • Walnut · Hickory · Honeylocust (thorned)
  • Block Locust · Red Oak · Tree of Heaven
  • Pin Oak · Osage Orange · Horsechestnut
  • Yellow Buckeye · Ohio Buckeye · American Basswood
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