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Jewel Development Update

Jewel Golf Course Update

Information is updated as we receive it. 

The owner has submitted CONCEPTUAL PLANS of the North Side of Perry Road development. These plans are what the development MIGHT look like. These are not official Site Plan Documents. These Conceptual Plans will NOT be used by Planning Commission to approve or deny the PROPOSED Development. CONCEPTUAL PLANS CLICK HERE.   If you would like to see the plans in person, please stop in to our office.

The next step in the process is to submit a Site Plan Review Application with Site Plans for the Planning Commission meeting. An administrative review of the plans typically takes 2 weeks. If there are no major issues with the site as determined by the City Planner, City Engineer, and DPW Director, then the plan can be placed on the next Planning Commission meeting agenda. If there are major issues with the Site Plans, a revision must be done before being placed on the Planning Commission meeting agenda. If there are major site issues, Planning Commission would have too many contingencies on the approval, if approved at all. 

Planning Commission update - The developer is hoping to bring Official Site Plans to the February 28, 2022 Planning Commission meeting at 7:00PM. Click here to see the meeting agenda - Usually agendas are posted the day of the meeting. 

Planning Commission's abilities -- 
The Planning Commission (and City Council for Special Land Uses) shall review the site plan to insure that it complies with
all of the criteria below:
a. The proposed use will not be injurious to the surrounding neighborhood.
b. The location of buildings, outside storage receptacles, parking areas, fences or obscuring walls, and utility areas will
minimize adverse effects of the proposed use for the occupants of that property and the tenants, owners, and
occupants of surrounding properties.
c. There is a proper relationship between major thoroughfares and proposed service drives, driveways, and parking areas
to encourage the safety and convenience of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The site plan includes the minimum
number of driveways required to provide reasonable access. Driveways are spaced as far apart from intersections
and other driveways as practical to reduce accident and congestion potential. Sharing with adjacent uses is
encouraged. The Planning Commission may require a traffic impact study as outlined in Section 329.
d. The site plan provides for proper development of roads, easements, and public utilities and protects the general health,
safety, and welfare of the City and its residents.
e. Building architecture, materials, roof line, colors, windows and similar elements shall be consistent with the majority
of other buildings in the City, as determined by the Planning Commission (or City Council for Special Land Uses). Brick
construction or brick trim, varying facade depths and peaked roofs, is encouraged. Stark white or bold colors and
reflective glass are discouraged. The intent of this standard is to provide a harmonious, unified community to help
create a sense of place and contribute to the image and quality of life in the City.
f. The proposed site plan complies with all City codes and ordinances. 

Helpful documents 
Map of Area
Zoning Map 
Planned Unit Development(PUD) Agreement
Article 20- Schedule of Regulations for Principal Buildings: Residential Districts 

Right now, there is a mix of zoning districts within the golf course because it spans  a large area. The bulk of the course is zoned as R-1. The other pieces of the course are LDMF, HDMF and PUD.
Zoning Descriptions
R-1 - Residential District  - The R-1 Single-Family Residential Districts are intended to provide for low-density, one-family detached dwellings and other facilities which serve the residents in the district. 

LDMF and HDMF - Low Density and High Density Multifamily - These areas are a smaller portion of the course. The Multiple-Family Residential Districts, LDMF and HDMF, are intended to provide rental or individually owned multiple-family dwelling units, and related. These districts will generally serve as a transitional zone between the nonresidential districts and lower density Single-Family Districts. The Multiple-Family Districts are provided to serve the limited needs for the apartment units in a medium density, single-family community. The City includes two multiple family zoning districts: Low Density Multiple Family (maximum 6 units per acre) and Medium Density Multiple-Family Residential (maximum 12 units per acre).

PUD - Planned Unit Development - Means there will be open space incorporated into the residential space. 

In 2002, the City re-zoned the golf course from High Density Multifamily (HDMF) to Residential-1/Planned Unit Development (PUD). The Grand Blanc Golf Club Country Club sued the City and felt that this was a taking. The City won in the Michigan Court of Appeals and the zoning remained Residenial-1/Planned Unit Development. 
Timeline of previous zoning attempt.
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