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Executive Orders

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Executive Orders22 documents

  • No. 2020-15 Temporary Authorization Of Remote Participation In Public Meetings
  • No.2020-14: Temporary Extension Of Deadline To Redeem Property For Nonpayment Of Delinquent Property Taxes
  • No. 2020-16 Expanding Child Care Access During The COVID-19 Emergency
  • No. 2020-13 Temporary Enhancements To Operational Capacity And Efficiency Of Health Care Facilities
  • No. 2020-12 Enhanced Support For Deliveries
  • No. 2020-11 Rescission Of Executive Order 2020-5
  • No. 2020-10 Temporary Expansions In Unemployment Eligibility and Cost-Sharing RESCINDED
  • No. 2020-9 Temporary Restrictions On The Use Of Places Of Public Accommodation RESCINDED
  • No. 2020-8 Enhanced Restrictions On Price Gouging - RESCINDED
  • No. 2020-7 Rescission Of Executive Order 2020-6
  • No. 2020-6 Temporary Restrictions On Entry Into Health Care Facilities, Residential Care Facilities, Congregate Care Facilities, And Juvenile Justice Facilities - RESCINDED
  • No. 2020-5 Temporary Prohibition On Large Assemblages And Events, Temporary School Closures - RESCINDED
  • No. 2020-4 Declaration Of State of Emergency
  • No. 2020-17 Temporary Restrictions On Non-Essential Medical And Dental Procedures
  • No. 2020-18 Rescission of Executive Order 2020-8
  • No. 2020-19 Temporary Prohibition Against Entry To Premises For The Purpose Of Removing Or Excluding A Tenant Or Mobile Home Owner From Their Home
  • No. 2020-20: Rescission Of Executive Order 2020-9
  • No. 2020-21 Temporary Requirement To Suspend Activities That Are Not Necessary To Sustain Or Protect Life
  • No. 2020-22 Extension Of County Canvass Deadlines For The March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary Election
  • No. 2020-23 Enhanced Authorization Of Remote Means For Carrying Out State Administrative Procedures
  • No. 2020-24 Rescission of Executive Order 2020-10
  • No. 2020-25 Temporary Enhancements To Operational Capacity, Flexibility, And Efficiency Of Pharmacies
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